Approaches to Social Change


Goal: To make sure that participants understand what direct-action organizing is and how it differs from other types of social change.


  • To develop understanding of direct service, self-help, advocacy and direct-action organizing and the distinctions between them.

  • To introduce some basic concepts of direct-action organizing


Time: takes 3 hour with a break, 2 1/2 hours without a break   


Contents & Methods:


Introduction: (10 minutes) This session deals with four different approaches to social change. There are lots of other ways to work for changes in our communities, but we choose to focus on these four. All four are needed. People should to be clear about the differences so they can know which to use to solve the problems they are facing.


This session will deal with four approaches to social change (you can substitute different ones for self-help or community development but we encourage you to review direct service, advocacy and direct action organizing:

  • Direct Service

  • Self Help (or Community Development or some other model appropriate to the group trained)

  • Advocacy

  • Direct-Action Organizing

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