Food Justice Toolkit


Curricula + Resources

Food Systems 101 Part 1

Audience: Youth Members

Timeframe 2 hours


1.    To talk about the need for Food Justice for our communities’ health and environment.

2.    To be able to define a Food System and compare a global industrial system with a local sustainable one.

3.    To be able to identify the major players in the U.S. food system and analyze their power.

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Food Systems 101 Part 2

Audience: Youth Members

Time Length: 2 hours


  • To explore the concept of food security in our communities.
  • To understand how food justice connects to other struggles for justice.
  • To sharpen our public speaking and debate skills around Food Justice.
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Community Food Security 101

An Interactive Educational Tool

Community Food Security is a practical concept that gives a fresh breath of life to the anti-hunger movement. In the face of rising hunger and increasing alienation from our food sources, community food secruity is gaining momentum as a movement. Conduct a "Community Food Security 101" workshop and catalyze change in your community.

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The Food Project Youth Curriculum

Free curriculum on thier website as well as full manuals for sale.

Attached here are 7 workshops/activities ranging from 5 mins - 2 hours on topics such as: Food system, local food economy, distribution of world resources, etc.

The Food Project

Our Mission

The Food Project's mission is to create a thoughtful and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to build a sustainable food system. Our community produces healthy food for residents of the city and suburbs, provides youth leadership opportunities, and inspires and supports others to create change in their own communities.

Please contact us at:

                The Food Project
                10 Lewis Street
                Lincoln, MA  01773

Lincoln -- (781) 259-8621 -- (781) 259-9659 fax
Boston -- (617) 442-1322 -- (617) 442-7918 fax
North Shore -- (781) 346-6726 -- (781) 347-4319 fax

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Food Justice Resource List

4 pages of online Food Justice resources covering the following topics:

  • Curriculum and Tools
  • Food Justice Resources
  • US Policy and Information
  • Blogs, Articles, Links
  • International Organizing
  • Farmworkers
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Chinese Progressive Association - San Francisco

This training is developed and adapted by the Chinese Progressive Association-SF and Seeding Change for new and emerging organizers. It draws from curriculum created by CTWO, SOUL and uses the "transformative organizing" framework from Eric Mann's recent book "Playbook for Progressives." This workshop includes a scenario based in an Asian immigrant community. This workshop can be adapted for other Asian immigrant and refugee communities and other communities of color.

Chinese Progressive Association-SF ( and Seeding Change, a Center for Asian American Movement Building (



An Introduction to Research Justice aims to build the capacity of grassroots organizers and community members and better equip marginalized communities to reclaim, own, and wield all forms of knowledge and information. With strategic support, the knowledge and information generated by these communities can be used as political leverage to advance their own agendas for change.

The toolkit effectively:

  •  Explores the theory of Research Justice – a strategic framework that seeks to transform structural inequities in knowledge production
  •  Advances community-driven research as a powerful tool to build grassroots power
  •  Helps participants choose which research methods will prove most effective for their campaigns and organizing objectives
  •  Employs popular-education techniques to encourage leadership development

This is really just a primer to introduce students to the idea of Tactical Clusters. We are developing a more formal workshop outline and will post.

Creative, bold visuals make a great center piece for every direct action. They do much more than make your actions look good. They unify your group, amplify your message, invite people to have a personal interaction with your work, and provide
a visual story through symbols that clarify the issue. If you integrate art into your campaign strategy and actions, you can make change irresistible.

In this manual you will find simple directions on how to make banners, giant puppets, stencils for t-shirts and posters, and cus- tomized t-shirts. Use them as a starting point and improvise your own techniques!

List of organizations providing trainings, technical assistance, fellowships, and curriculum to support community organizing.